The state of Washington published a report on organic tree fruit trends earlier this year. The report stated that certified organic apple acreage in Washington totaled 14,056 acres in 2014. And there are an estimated 783 acres in transition to certification. The top three organic apple varieties in 2014 were Gala, fuji and Honeycrisp. 

9% of all apples in Washington are organic.

Washington is estimating that 8,000 more acres will be in organic production within the next three years, which aligns with the length of organic certification.  

Retailers are looking for gala, fuji and Honeycrisp organic, with red delicious and golden delicious organic into the spring.

Organic demand has been growing with the increase of retailers wanting to meet the consumer demand. And the addition of certified organic sections in discount supermarkets has certainly increased the demand.

 Some question if this demand is attributed to true consumer demand or trade demand.