www.organicassistant.com wants you….to become an OAT (Organic Assistant Tracker)

What is an OAT?

An OAT (Organic Assistant Tracker) is a savvy, conscientious individual like you. An OAT wants to spread the word about their organic favorites and discoveries. OrganicAssistant is the unique online platform for you to do just that.

An OAT supports our mission to become the resource and reference for all other organic consumers needs.

What does an OAT do?

Our database is packed with products from suppliers and businesses across America– and it’s growing all the time! An OAT ensures that we are up to date with the latest and greatest products and services within their area.

An OAT simply emails us their organic find. Then Organic Assistant does the work to verify they are certified. If the brand and products submitted are certified they will be added to the database immediately and the OAT gets the credit. If the business is certified or uses only certified products they too will be verified and added…more OAT kudos.

OATs are the Organic Assistant valued resources and will become the core group to lead the way for the organic consumer as they nurture their healthy lifestyle.

How do I become an OAT?

  1. First Register
  2. Submit your organic finds to admin@organicassistant.com
  3. Keep those organic finds coming and get the OAT kudos…

OATs will receive special offers as our gratitude toward their efforts. 

Start building your kudos today and reap what you SOW.