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Top 10 States for Organic Sales

By: Organic Assistant Staff, September 23, 2015
The USDA reported on the top 10 states for organic sales. In 2014 the US certified organic farms sold $5.5 billion. The US has experienced a 72% increase since 2008. Here’s the top 10 states for the value of organic products sold in 2014: California, $2.2 billion Washington, $514 million Pennsylvania,… MORE

Certified organic apples increase acreage in Washington

By: Organic Assistant Staff, September 16, 2015
The state of Washington published a report on organic tree fruit trends earlier this year. The report stated that certified organic apple acreage in Washington totaled 14,056 acres in 2014. And there are an estimated 783 acres in transition to certification. The top three organic apple varieties in… MORE

Select Target Stores have teamed up with Beech-Nut teams

By: Organic Assistant Staff, September 10, 2015
A few Target Stores in Indianapolis and Carmel now have 12 blends of organic fruits and vegetables for parents to choose from. This new opportunity was inspired* by health conscious DIY-ers, Beech-Nut created The Organics™ line. Their food comes in transparent honeypot glass jars, and features… MORE

Consumers should be cautious at farmers markets

By: Organic Assistant Staff, August 17, 2015
The Alliance for Food and Farming consumer guide assists consumers on how to choose fresh produce vendors based on food safety questions. Fresh produce in retail stores is generally subject to government laws and regulations regarding food safety measures and pesticide use. However growers who sell… MORE
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