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Organic Beginnings

By: Organic Assistant Staff, January 23, 2015
While Organic is a popular word that defines the purity of products free from chemicals. Farming for centuries was done organically before demand and greed changed that. Farmers in history had no idea they were really the leaders of Organic Farming. They were just farmers and the word “Organic”… MORE

Local Certified Organic Produce in Your Shop

By: Organic Assistant Staff, January 20, 2015
While consumers want certified organic, they also want local to support their area farmers. When using the product search for fresh veggies and fruit you will find certified organic brands. You will be able to see if they are in the shops and retailers in your area.  Many retailers want to meet… MORE

Cracking the Shell on the Types of Chicken Eggs

By: Organic Assistant Staff, January 13, 2015
When shopping for eggs you come across many options to select from. We at Organic Assistant wanted to help you understand the different types of eggs. There’s size, types, brown and white eggs. Understanding what all of the labeling means can help make a decision easier. Certified Organic Eggs… MORE

Survey results on Nutrition Trends for 2015

By: Organic Assistant Staff, January 12, 2015
Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian held their annual survey on the upcoming trends for 2015. They polled 500 registered dietitians on what they expect to see as the 2015 dietary trends. Seeds and Nuts are the superfoods for 2015 Green Tea Beef is the less healthy of proteins Gluten-Free… MORE

18 Rabbits Partners with Target

By: Organic Assistant Staff, January 9, 2015
Certified organic brand 18 Rabbits announced a launch of a new organic granola cereal made exclusively for Target. The cereal was created for children. There will be two flavors created for young taste buds, Caramel Apple and Chocolate Banana. This will be available in Targets worldwide to present parents… MORE
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